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Erin Kay Chambers

Creative Writing Month

Posters & Digital Signage

October 2017 marked the Creative Writing Program’s biggest celebration yet.  I wanted the designs to be eye-catching and modern, so I chose to use The League of Moveable Type’s Raleway font in its thinnest weight with accents in Bodoni. The layout ties everything together, but each poster stands out from the others with its own bright, monochromatic color scheme.

The month-long schedule of activities was a huge departure from our usual department activities. The titles are meant to reflect that departure, extending beyond the edges of the page and changing size and alignment from one word to the next.



Raleway – League of Moveable Type
Bodoni URW – URW++

David Ebershoff

Poster and advertisement

Inspired by the lives of Danish artists Lili Elbe and Gerda Wegener, Ebershoff’s novel  charts the evolution of their marriage as they navigate Lili’s groundbreaking journey as a transgender pioneer. We catch more glimpses of Lili’s identity as the story progresses inspiring the curtain of transparent white and negative space in these advertisements.

Photo courtesy of Working Title


Linotype Didot – Adrian Frutiger / Monotype
Geosans – Manfred Klein

The Reading Series

Posters & Digital Signage

In 2018 I had the honor of designing graphics for the brand new University of Nebraska Reading Series. The inaugural event featured author, cultural critic, and alumna Roxane Gay. Being familiar with Roxane is bold, witty, and a great lover of the color pink. Each of those characteristics is reflected in the original design, and each subsequent posters follows the same theme.

Roxane Gay photo courtesy of The Tuesday Agency

Natasha Tretheway photo courtesy of Blue Flower Arts
Jesmyn Ward photo courtesy of Simon & Schuster


Eloquent JF Pro – Jason Walcott / Jukebox
Playfair Display – Claus Eggers Sørensen

Department of English Lookbook

Print Brochure

In collaboration with five Department of English faculty members, I produced the department’s first “lookbook”—an 8-page brochure promoting our courses, teaching, research, and creative activity.

An event hand-out, recruitment tool, and advertisement by mail, the project resulted in greater visibility, increased involvement, and lots of compliments from other departments.

Photos courtesy of Erin Chambers, Craig Chandler, Greg Nathan, Sheree Haynie, and the featured faculty and programs


URW Gothic – URW++
Minion – Robert Slimbach / Adobe

Mindful Movement

Logo, Website & Business Cards

Mindful Movement is a Pilates, yoga, and Tai Chi studio located in Lincoln, NE. Working in consultation with owner Cathy Jewell, I designed a logo, door sign, business card, and website to support the new studio. The three circles in the logo represent Cathy’s wholistic approach to wellness and the interconnectivity of her three areas of focus.


Montserrat – Julieta Ulanovsky / Adobe

Department Newsletter

Email & Web

One of my first duties in the Department of English was to produce their monthly newsletter celebrating faculty and student achievements. Over the years I have refined the newsletter’s look, delivery, and distribution. I also worked with the department chair to redesign our process for collecting stories and setting deadlines.

The latest newsletter is available on the Department of English website.

Photos in this newsletter contributed by Gwendolyn Audrey Foster and Wheeler Winston Dixon


Gotham – Hoefler & Co
Mercury – Hoefler & Co

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