Erin Kay Chambers



Graduate Certificate in the Digital Humanities

University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Digital Humanities is an interdisciplinary academic field that brings digital technology to bear on the study of the human record. The Graduate Certificate Program in Digital Humanities at UNL allows graduate and post-baccalaureate students to gain scholarly credentials in Digital Humanities. Work in this area can take a variety of forms, including: digital scholarly editing; the creation of thematic research archives and resources; programmatic analysis of large-scale textual corpora; the use of geo-spatial tools and technologies to study the interaction of people and place; data mining and machine learning techniques using historical data; 3D modeling of historical buildings and artifacts; tool building and software development for humanities research; and the creation of games, interactive environments, and media systems with a humanistic focus.

Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics

University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

Graduated Summa Cum Laude, with minors in Design Theory and Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL). Received National Merit Scholarship, 2006, and U of M Presidential Scholarship, 2006, and Undergraduate Research Opporunities Grant, 2009-10.

Work Experience

Instructional Technology and Media Specialist

Department of English, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

As Instructional Technology and Media Specialist in the Department of English, I serve as instructional technologist, media specialist, and webmaster for over 150 faculty, lecturers and graduate TAs. I provide workshops and learning opportunities for members of our department, as well as one-on-one consultation and training on nearly any type of technology. In 2014 and 2015, I revamped the department website and many of its content systems as we transitioned from the UNL 3.1 template to the UNL 4.0 template.

In addition to my department-related work, I am an active member of the UNL Web Developers Network (WDN), the UNLcms (content management system) User Group, the College of Arts & Sciences Web Group, and the UNL Communicators Forum. Membership in these organizations allows me to build upon my existing skills as a web developer and communicator. My hope is that through active participation, I might not only improve my own skills, but also help to improve the University's web presence as a whole.

In December 2014, I was elected to the WDN Shared Governance Board. The board administers and guides the development of the UNLedu Web Framework, Style Book, and public information management systems. Its mission is to improve user experience for UNL site visitors, managers and developers by soliciting user feedback, encouraging good stewardship of all UNL websites, and fostering an environment of respect, collaboration, and outreach.

Graphic Design / Client Services Specialist

CTB Financial Services, Ltd.

My role at CTB Financial Services, Ltd. began as part of our team of Client Service associates. I began designing print materials for CTB in early 2012, and when my husband's career moved us away from their home office in Minneapolis, they continued to employ me as a webmaster and graphic designer both remotely and in person. During my time with CTB, I assisted with our transition to a new website, managed the transition from one internal Client Resource Management system to another, and provided relevant training to our advisers and staff.

World Languages Center Assistant

St. Olaf College

The World Languages Center at St. Olaf College supports the college's language departments with multimedia projects, web conferencing, audio and visual recording, and other technology assistance and consulting. During my time in the WLC, I supervised 15-18 student workers while serving as a faculty liaison, classroom technologist, database manager, and webmaster.

Multimedia Instructional Technologist

St. Olaf College

During the summer of 2013, I lent my skills and expertise to the St. Olaf IT department as interim Multimedia Instructional Technologist. I worked closely with faculty members from all disciplines on their research and digital humanities projects, created websites and web interfaces for those projects, and lead summer workshops and training sessions.

Non-profit Work

Student Web Developer

Humanities Nebraska

Developed "Humanities Atlas," an online platform that allows humanities organizations to post events, internships, jobs and volunteer opportunities, and encourages site visitors to browse and search opportunities that fit their skills, interests, and availability. This work took place in conjunction with the capstone course for the Graduate Certificate in Digital Humanities, for the benefit of Humanities Nebraska and its outreach work.

Museum Exhibit Designer and Committee Member

Northfield Historical Society

Partnered with Executive Director and exhibit committee volunteers to design and execute rotating exhibits on the history of Northfield, MN and the surround area. I was directly involved in planning, researching, and writing an exhibit that detailed the town's rich culinary history. My research took me from museum photographs to town newspapers, property records, and radio shows, and from the kitchens of Northfield's renowned, long-standing eating establishments to the living rooms of restaurant owners past and present.